Neurotrend was founded by business-woman or not just a biologist but by a person who is both. The inspirer and the CEO of Neurotrend - Natalia Galkina – has academic competencies in both biological and financial fields, as well as years of experience in business consulting. both biological and financial higher education and she has been working in business consultancy for many years.

On one hand, this experience allows company, to have the highest standards of expertise in neurophysiology, psychology, economy and other sciences that underlie neuromarketing; and, on the other hand, enables Neurotrend to keep developing as a successful business. Neurotrend is one of the leaders of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) in Russia and member of NeuroNet Roadmap of NTI. But above all, Neurotrend is a unique team of professionals who bring their work to the level of quality that is unreachable for competitors; who bring the company forward to new markets, develop new solutions for neurolaboratories and create educational programs.

  1. The history of Neurotrend starts in 2011 when Natalia Galkina – the mastermind and CEO – decided to open the first commercial neuromarketing laboratory in Russia. Back then the company was known for classical marketing research and consulting. Neurotrend laboratory became not only the first but the very unique one – no other lab in the world at that time had the capacity of 5 seats to collect data from 5 respondents simultaneously. The equipment for this first lab was brought from USA and Germany but the specialists were Russian. As a graduate from Neurophysiology Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Natalia knew what specialists had to join and build the company. The team has developed the general methodology, has completed numerous tests to compute the metrics and in 2013 the laboratory began to fully operate.

  2. In 2014 Neurotrend became the official member of Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) – global association of neuromarketing professionals. Neurotrend is the only Russian company in NMSBA and this membership is the quality indicator of our work.

  3. In 2016 Natalia Galkina and Neurotrend made a huge step in technological development and business scalability: the company became member of Skolkovo Innovation Centre and Natalia Galkina became the leader of working group in Neurocommunication segment of NeuroNet Roadmap of National Technological Initiative. Currently, Neurotrend is one of the leading companies in NTI.

  4. In 2018 we reached another significant milestone – we entered global market, opened office in Singapore and launched 3 laboratories there.

  5. In 2019 Neurotrend became the member of ESOMAR (European Society of Marketing Research Professionals) — the most famous and respected research association in the world, which was founded back in 1948. The ESOMAR membership proves that the company follows global standards of conducting marketing researches and ensures high quality of them.

    Years of dedicated work are rewarded not only with successful business development but also with a variety of awards. In 2017 Natalia Galkina as CEO of Neurotrend received prestigious personal awards from EY (Ernst & Young) – Business Woman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2019 Neurotrend received The Bizz Award for business excellence from World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB).

  6. In 2020, despite the global pandemic, we managed to open a neuro-laboratory Neurotrend in Ekaterinburg “Neurotrend Ural” - first infrastructure facility for commercial neuromarketing research in Ural.

  7. The opening of a neurolaboratory in Kazan: Neurotrend, Kazan Federal University, and Ak Bars Bank have launched the neuromarketing laboratory "Neurolab." The laboratory is part of the structure of the Higher School "Open Institute of Innovative, Technological, and Social Development" of the Institute of Management, Economics, and Finance at Kazan Federal University. The laboratory will serve as a platform for the development of neuromarketing in the region.
  8. Neurotrend has been included in the registry of domestic IT companies with registration number 18167. The opening of the Center for Cognitive Research and Neurosciences at Tomsk State University "NeuroTomsk," and a neurolaboratory at Moscow State Institute of International Relations.
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