What is Neuromarketing?
Neuromarketing is a new direction of marketing research, which includes a set of methods for studying emotional and behavioral reactions of a consumer using advanced solutions from neurophysiology, sociology, behavioral economics, psychology, mathematics and programming

Who are we?

Neurotrend is the largest Russian neuromarketing company with a wide range of solutions and research tools for various sectors of the economy.

Neurotrend is a business deeply grounded in science that opens up new opportunities for its customers to use neurotechnology in marketing research

Neurotrend competitive advantage

The most extensive experience in the application of neurotechnologies in traditional marketing research on the Russian and CIS market.

Our own complex of data measuring: eye-trackers (stationary and glasses), electroencephalography, polygraphs, VR glasses, high-resolution video cameras, consoles for recording reaction time and other innovative solutions.

Own algorithms for processing neurophysiological data and metrics (indicators), developed and tested according to marketing objectives of the market and the best world practices.

Unique team of more than 50 specialists in neurophysiology, behavioral economics, sociology, psychology, marketing, mathematics and programming.

Ability to launch laboratories around the globe: from installing and debugging of equipment - to training and assistance in starting your own research business.

Extensive experience and accumulated expertise in teaching neuromarketing competencies to students and professionals of various levels in the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Technologies and solutions

We use the technologies that are best suited to accurately measure
neurophysiological responses.

EYE - Tracker

Equipment – stationary and mobile eye trackers.

Allows you to track gaze direction, changes in eye movements. It is used to assess attention, interest, continuity of perception of the plot, recognition / understanding of the stimulus.

Where? In neurolaboratories, online, in VR, on client’s site.

Video Recording

Equipment – HD Camera.
Records changes in mimics and nonverbal motor responses. It is used to identify subtle emotions (surprise, fear, irritation, joy etc) based on scientific expertise and special software.

Where? In neurolaboratories, online, in VR, on client’s site.

Analysis of vegetative indicators

Equipment – biobracelet or polygraph combined with a neuroheadset. Allows you to synchronously record changes in skin conductivity, vascular lumen, heart rate, respiratory rate. It is used to assess emotional involvement (strengths) and determine the valence (sign) of the experience.

Where? In neurolaboratories, online, in VR, on client’s site.

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Equipment – neuroheadset (wireless electroencephalograph) that allows you to register changes in bioelectric activity in different areas of the brain. It is used to assess memory retention potential, cognitive load, and viewing engagement.

Where? In neurolaboratories, online, in VR, on client’s site.

Reaction Time

Equipment – prime box. It allows you to register the priming effect - the phenomenon of implicit (subconscious) memory, in which the response to the presented stimulus affects the response that occurs in response to subsequent stimuli. In other words, priming is the impact of hidden (subconscious) memories or associations on subsequent actions. Used to assess the strength of associative links and the attractiveness of a stimulus.

Where? In neurolaboratories, online, in VR, on client’s site.

Traditional set of marketing research methods

Equipment – tablets and smartphones with preinstalled software, as well as video and audio recording. Allows to conduct research using any qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as included and non-included observation. It is used to obtain insights into consumer behavior at the junction of neurophysiology (unconscious choice), verbal assessment (conscious, rational choice) and real behavior.

Where? In neurolaboratories, online, in VR, on client’s site.

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