Often respondents are not able to clearly explain the motivation behind their behaviour or attitude, reasons behind choosing this particular brand/ product/ category/ shop etc. Post-factum standard methodologies increase the likelihood of forgetting and rationalizing when answering questions. Combining ethnographic research methods with neuromarketing tools allows you to clarify and solve the following tasks:

  • Studying the lifestyle of consumers, their habit and needs through the prism of emotional perception
  • Determining target audience segments according to the canons of experience economy
  • Finding special characteristics and insights of consumer behaviour
  • Studying the factors that influence purchasing decisions
  • Identifying drivers and barriers for products/ services
  • Determining the dissonance between bran/product perception in the eyes of consumers and its positioning

Research Objectives

Objects of the research can be goods/services/ brands at the stage of market maturity, when deep diving in understanding your consumers is required in order to create strong emotional connection.

Equipment and methods used

In order to achieve our goals we use a complex methodology that combines classical research methods and neurotools to identify applied and targeted insights.

Obtained metrics and indicators
  • Emotional Involvement
  • Changes in emotional reactions
  • Cognitive load
  • Rational and emotional assessment
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data analysis
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