When the research is conducted, there are times when respondents tend to voice socially approved responses, hiding their real emotions and opinions. NEURO INSIGHT methodology with the synchronous recording of vegetative indicators allows to reveal true insights, as well as emotions of respondents, not only " words", but also on the basis of their neurophysiological reactions.

This approach provides insights to the following objectives:

  • Finding research question perception insights
  • Identifying boiling points - more emotionally perceived questions/ research objects (in both positive and negative connotations)
  • Finding routine behavioural models - processes/actions that consumer does subconsciously
  • Sensitive and medal theme research

Research objects

Objects of the research can be any products or services in different spheres, from mass goods to exclusive products.

Neuro Insight method is also actively used in social spheres to analyse boiling points.

Equipment and methods used

In order to achieve our goals we use a complex methodology that combines classical research methods and neurotools to identify applied and targeted insights.

Obtained metrics and indicators
  • Emotional Involvement
  • Changes in emotional reactions
  • Cognitive load
  • Rational and emotional assessments
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
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